Wanted by C. A. Kerson (ePUB)

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Wanted (Crave Him #1) by C. A. Kerson – Free eBooks Download


Amir Abdullah is a man of two worlds. One is the illegitimate business world, where he owns and helps run the cover business of a hotel chain. The other is the dark underworld of the mafia, where he is heir to the throne and The Family’s hitman. At 32 years old, Amir has never considered love. The danger and chaos of his life have never seemed worth the cost of entangling someone he cares about. That all changes when he sees Ezra.

Ezra Lyons is a recent college graduate who barely makes ends meet by delivering pizza and occasionally dancing at a local club. He’s sworn off love, after the end of an abusive relationship preferring to keep to himself. But lately, he’s felt eyes on him.
Watching him.
Wanting him.

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