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wanted, am wilson

Wanted (Powell Sanctuary #4) by A. M. Wilson – Free eBooks Download


Winding up stranded in a wedding dress on the back forty of some grump’s property wasn’t exactly on my bucket list.
The memory of why I jumped out of my ex-fiancé’s car in a wedding dress is a bit hazy.
Or maybe I was pushed.
Disoriented, I stumble through the trees until exhaustion forces me to rest. Time passes in a feverish blur, but eventually, I’m discovered by a friendly dog and her unfriendly owner, Jude Powell.
The gorgeous grump isn’t too pleased with my disheveled appearance. That doesn’t stop him from ripping my ruined dress to create a makeshift sling for my arm and taking me to the emergency room.
To thank him for his reluctant hospitality, I take off without a backward glance… after borrowing his van and his watch.
He tracks me to the local pawn shop with a proposition—work at his dog sanctuary, and he’ll provide me with room and board. He’s used to taking in strays, after all.
Considering that I can’t remember my recent past, and what I can recall isn’t worth returning to, it’s an offer I can’t refuse.
Now we bicker over breakfast, which turns into long, heated looks. Soon enough, we’re stealing soft touches, and I realize Jude is revealing a side of himself that he rarely shows.
He becomes a protective force in my life, especially once my ex tracks me down.
But Jude’s keeping a secret of his own. One he believes makes him unworthy of my affection.
And while he’s preoccupied trying to keep me safe, it’s up to me to prove he’s wanted after all.

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