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Walking the Line (The Line #4) by Nikki Rose – Free eBooks Download


After a steamy one-night stand leaves me with a baby on the way, and no way to find the father, marrying the small-town police chief should ensure the safety and security my baby and I need. But safety is the last thing my abusive new husband offers.
When the violence reaches an all-time high, I finally take my daughter and run, determined to make it on my own until a freak accident brings me face to face with the same man I’d shared that heated night with two years before. But we’re not safe and we may never be because my ex isn’t going to quit until he gets me back.

In my line of work, it isn’t always safe to be honest about who I am or what I do. One-night stands were the obvious choice. Simple. No complications. But I spent the last two years thinking about the fiery redhead who disappeared like she was nothing more than a dream. Until I pull her and her baby from her crashed car.
She’s on the run and I want to help but with the Russians out to get me and the agency I work for, being with me could expose her to even more dangers. All I know is that I can’t let her go again. I have to protect her. No matter the cost.

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