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Walking on Sunshine (Summer Lake Silver #11) by SJ McCoy – Free eBooks Download


Damon, a former Marine, is struggling after a difficult divorce, but he’s found solace in his new home in Summer Lake. He’s taken on two jobs to keep himself busy, working as a personal trainer during the day and bartending at Taryn’s restaurant at night.

Jo has recently retired from her job as a portfolio manager and moved to Four Mile Creek to start a new chapter in her life. She’s done with her stressful career – and with her stressful marriage to a ruthlessly successful fund manager.
When Damon and Jo run into each other around town, they feel an instant connection. However, they don’t believe the other could possibly be interested in them. Damon sees a high-powered businesswoman, and Jo sees a free spirit who doesn’t have time for a woman in his life – and who wouldn’t choose her if he did.
Fate brings them together when Jo hires a personal trainer and is shocked to find that it’s Damon. As they work out together, they quickly become close friends. As they navigate their feelings for each other, they must also face the challenges of Damon’s not-so-ex-wife and Jo’s grown kids, who desperately want to reunite their parents.

The magic of Summer Lake is strong, with the support of good friends and the idyllic setting, but these two will have to navigate their pasts before they can hope to find happiness together in the present.

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