Walking in Darkness by M.A. Church (ePUB)

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Walking in Darkness (Dragons of San DeLain #2) by M.A. Church – Free eBooks Download


A dragon god is watching. And plotting.

Finding out about dragons is scary and terrifying but also thrilling. Kit learning he has two dragon mates is the stuff epic fantasies are made of. As a kid, Kit fantasized about the big, bad dragons, not the knight in shining armor.
He didn’t want a hero who’d sacrifice him to save the world. No, Kit wanted someone who’d burn the world for him. That wasn’t too much to ask, now was it? Apparently not, because Fate granted his wish—he has his own dragons. Kit is drawn to both Hudson and Connie, but there are secrets lurking.
And some of the secrets go back hundreds of years.
Darkness creeps closer.
Kit’s welcome to the paranormal world was rough, to say the least, and left him with a new fear unlocked. Blood. Which is going to be a problem if he wants to claim his dragon mates. It’s a necessary element.
Without it, the fragile bond forming between him, Hudson, and Connie cannot be completed. Still, Kit’s firmly entrenched in this new world and he was willing to fight for what he wants against an enemy who is not only stalking his family, but also him.
As Kit walks in the darkness, the threat edges ever closer. Can they establish the bond before disaster strikes?

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