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waiting love you, aj alexander

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A woman with a secret to protect….
A man determined to be hers.

After spending my entire childhood moving wherever the military told us to, I put down roots in Tyson’s Creek. My plan was simple—start a business and live a peaceful fulfilling life with my friends. That is until Seth Williams walked into my yoga studio and turned my world upside down.
I swore that I’d never fall in love with a military man, but the more time I spent with him the more I started to fall. One night I let my guard down, allowing the walls around my heart to crumble to the ground. After spending one amazing night together he was shipped off to defend our country.
Then one day, a little over a year later, Seth shows back up—throwing my entire life into chaos again. This time, I can’t make the same mistake. I have to keep Seth away from my heart to protect the life I’ve built here—not for myself…
But for our daughter.
NOTE: This story was previously published as Anchor in 2022. It has since been recovered and titled, reedited, and significant additions have been made to the story.

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