Waiting for You Oolong Time by F.A. Ray (ePUB)

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Waiting for You Oolong Time (Boyfriend Café #5) by F.A. Ray – Free eBooks Download


Getting my dream bakery internship is great, but I never expected it to come with a side of estranged best friend.

I haven’t seen my best friend Soren in nine years. The day my older brother died, my world shattered. I threw myself into baking in order to hide from everything and everyone – including Soren.
Now I’ve gotten my dream bakery internship, but the second I walk through the door I see him, and our overdue reunion begins.
I’m not ready for this. We have too much history, and he looks way too good all grown up. My feelings are a mess, and his flirtatious attention during my internship is not helping.

I hoped when I picked Jack Caddel for this internship that it was my Jack Caddel. My heart has ached every day of the past nine years. I lost not just his brother, but him as well, both of my best friends gone in one fell swoop.
I know it’s selfish to drag him back into my life, but I can’t help how badly I want to see him … and touch him. Jack definitely grew up in the past nine years, and the attraction is as hot as the ovens in this tiny kitchen where we struggle to navigate our new relationship as boss and intern.
I want to do things with Jack that definitely aren’t work appropriate. As long as his over-ambitious classmate doesn’t catch us at it, we should be fine. I can keep my hands to myself while we’re both at work … probably.

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