Vowed To Be Yours by Cassi Hart (ePUB)

vowed to be yours, cassi hart

Vowed To Be Yours (Dearly Beloved #1) by Cassi Hart – Free eBooks Download


I’ve worked hard to keep my organization as legitimate as possible after my father ran it into the ground, racking up debt after debt. It hasn’t been easy keeping things clean and above the table, but I’ve managed to do it while making sure the people underneath me are taken care of and respected, all while paying off what my father owed. However, when the most powerful boss in the city comes knocking with a deal I can’t refuse, I wonder what I’ve done to make it back onto his radar. He says he wants me to marry his youngest daughter, but I know that not all is as it seems. What’s this little minx up to, and how will I deal with it?

Dreams aren’t for people like me, and my father has always made that very clear. My ambitions to help people instead of harm them have always been mocked. Such is the life for children born into organized crime families, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. When my father makes me an offer—a chance to cut ties with the family and live the life I want—I know I have no other choice than to take it. All I have to do is feed him information on the man he’s picked for me to marry. Yet, this man is nothing like I expected. He’s kind and respectable, and he treats me like a person. How am I supposed to betray his trust after all this? Will I be able to see the deal with my father through?

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