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vow to me, s wilson

Vow to Me (The Romano Empire #1) by S. Wilson – Free eBooks Download


My family is at war.

With the Cartel and Bratva closing in on us, we need to make allies, and fast.
My father makes a deal, the answer to our problems.
The solution? A marriage between me—the heir of the New York Mafia—and a sweet little Mafia princess, the Don of the Chicago outfit’s only daughter.
Only it turns out my new wife isn’t exactly what she seems. I expected a sheltered girl, who had been hidden away and is unaware of the threats that surround us. I didn’t expect her to have skills and determination that rival my own.
Turns out she’s not the quiet, perfect little princess everyone thinks she is, she’s a queen. My queen.
And I’ll kill anyone who dares to think they can touch what’s mine.
Threats. Betrayal. Secrets. Blood, gunshots and tears.
Can me and Izzy overcome everything that’s thrown our way? Can she uphold everything she vowed to me?
Or will we implode just as fast as we began?

This is an arranged marriage, dark mafia romance told in dual POV and has no cheating and a HEA. This is book one in a series of three interconnected stand alone’s, each of which features one of the Romano brothers. Trigger warnings listed inside the book.

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