Viper’s Vendetta by K.L. Barstow (ePUB)

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Viper’s Vendetta (Demon Dawgs MC: Las Vegas #4) by K.L. Barstow – Free eBooks Download


Ever have one of those days when everything you believe turns out to be false? Yeah, I’m having that kind of day today. The worst part isn’t discovering that my long lost and unlamented father is not as dead as I thought, no, it’s finding out that one of the people I trust with my life has been lying to me. But just to make things even worse, the man I love may have to arrest me for attempted murder.
When you’re a cop one of the worst decision you can make is falling in love with a member of motorcycle club, especially a 1%er. But that’s what I did. Viper is the most amazing woman I’ve ever met and while I know very little of her past, I have no problem seeing our future. But when her long lost father shows up and accuses her of attempted murder, I see that future crumble and blow away into the desert around us.

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