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vince's place, sandra r neeley

Vince’s Place (Avaleigh’s Boys #6) by Sandra R Neeley – Free eBooks Download


Vince is a Lion shifter, happily living life as a bachelor on the outer edges of the mix-matched clan of shifters his sister has married into. He’s fine like he is, or so he tells himself. Then one afternoon a woman wanders into his bar on the run from everything she calls home. His Lion sits up and takes notice. This must be it he thinks — this is the Mate call I keep hearing everyone talk about. He calls her Mate and sets about trying to make her believe it — no matter how much she resists him and keeps her distance.
Visiting the hospital to welcome a friend’s new baby, Vince’s Lion suddenly surges to the forefront, roaring ‘Mate’ in his mind. He’s stunned, speechless, and anchored to the spot he was standing in when he first caught sight of the pretty, brunette nurse. Then, the woman he’d mistakenly called Mate speaks behind him. Slowly he turns, realizing this can’t be right — he’s already got a Mate, already made promises, given his word — and he’s a man of his word. His Lion is outraged, his heart pounding, his soul shaken. How could he have been so wrong?
Natalie is a nurse spending her life working in two hospitals. Every waking moment she is helping someone somewhere, in an effort to keep herself focused on anything other than her private life. She’s been lied to, cheated on, and hurt so many times, she refuses to allow it to happen again. Then, while working with a very unique couple of new parents, she runs into a man she can’t ignore. This man steals her attentions, captivates her with his presence, and it seems she unwittingly has the same effect on him. She dares to think that maybe, just maybe, this time will be different. When his girlfriend shows up to visit the new parents, Natalie’s hopes are dashed. Angry for allowing herself to be attracted to a man who is already committed, she runs — leaving him and any explanation he may have to offer behind.
But, Vince isn’t even close to ready to give up. Natalie is his. He knows it, and his Lion knows it. Now all he has to do is find her — if he can.

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