Viking’s Fall by Tisha S. Stow (ePUB)

viking's fall, tisha s stow

Viking’s Fall (Vintage Miscreants MC #1) by Tisha S. Stow – Free eBooks Download


Professor Johnson in the day. Viking, President of the Vintage Miscreant’s MC by night. As if worrying about someone running bad drugs in my city isn’t enough my marriage is on the rocks. It seems like the harder I try the more my gut tells me something isn’t right.
I know being married to the king of Shelby; Tennessee isn’t an easy task. My title as well as many side businesses keeping our pockets full makes it hard to go anywhere without having ass thrown our way. I remain faithful even though I’m accused daily.
Trying to remain content in my shitty marriage was easy until Cree, my best friend and Vice President’s daughter starts showing me a more aggressive, sensual side of herself. She’s hates my wife and has always made it known. I’m starting to see why when evidence of not only her infidelity but her lack of loyalty is brought to my attention.
As Cree’s advances become stronger my will to stay away weakens. Coming on to me in class, at the clubhouse, no matter where we are she make a naughty comment or touches me inappropriately. I’m only a man. How many times can I avoid and ignore her advances?

I’ve wanted him for as long as I can remember. Keeping my feelings inside has always been easy for me because he’s married, but not anymore. I know exactly what I want and how to get it. He thinks ignoring my advances is gonna save him from what’s to come but he is mistaken.
I’m tired of that scandalous woman getting away with mistreating the only man that invades my mind. Sometimes he’s Professor, other times he’s Viking but in my dreams he’s always daddy, sir, or any other kinky moniker that comes out of my filthy mouth.
I will have what I want and expose his wife, Trina for the dirty whore she is. I’m coming for it all

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