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vicious heart, candace wondrak

Vicious Heart (Born to Die #3) by Candace Wondrak – Free eBooks Download


Just when you think things will settle down and you can finally relax with your three deliciously sinful boyfriends… life proves you wrong.
I thought I saved the day. I thought the big bad was defeated. I was wrong. The big bad wasn’t really the big bad—someone was helping the serial killer from day one, pushing him after me while he sat back and watched.
He calls himself the prophet, but I call him mad. He sends out broadcasts to entice others just like him to join his little gang.
He wants to retake the city from us—from the Lucianos, from Newton, and all the men like him. And from me.
But we’re not going to let that happen.
It’s war now, and after nearly dying the last time, I won’t sit back and wait until he comes for me. No. I’m gonna meet that b*tch head-on and show him just how vicious my heart can really be.
I caught myself a serial killer, and now I’m gonna catch myself a Mad Prophet.
One, two,
I’m coming for you.
Three, four,
you’ll never say a word more.
Five, six…
Ah, f*ck it. Nothing rhymes with six.

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