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vestige, zara dusk

Vestige (Fallen Angels #1) by Zara Dusk – Free eBooks Download


My sister was murdered by an angel. And I’m going to repay the favor.
Sure, angels are hard to kill—but not impossible. Those celestial bastards aren’t as immortal as they’d like us to believe.
I just have to figure out who the hell he is, then smoke his ass. Sure. Easy.
When the angel turns out to be a sinfully sexy master of seduction, my plan falls to pieces. It seems he’s been seeking someone like me for centuries because I have something he needs. And no, I don’t have a clue what that is. But trust me, I’ll find out.
Then I’ll kill him.
Life is hard enough in the underground city. Most folks only go outside during dawn and dusk, avoiding the extreme temperatures of day and night. Nobody likes a frozen eyeball. But the heat coming off this damn angel is scorching, any time of the day.
My life becomes a battle between seduction and revenge, and I’m not sure I can win.

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