Vesselless by Cortney L. Winn (ePUB)

vesselless, cortney l winn

Vesselless (The Merciless Realms #1) by Cortney L. Winn – Free eBooks Download


She’s heiress to the throne. The throne her family stole from him.

Nizzara has always been able to perceive spirits better than the average caster. She enters a deadly tournament to win the freedom to choose her own suitor. As she competes, she’s determined to win without succumbing to the addictive magic she channels or taking a life in the duel ring.
When she finds herself outmatched, Nizzara must tap into the dangerous spirit power she fears or lose her life in the tournament.
Dagen, the last King of Zarr, was killed by Nizzara’s father ten years ago. Now a half-ghost—able to phase between his human and spirit form—Dagen is stuck in another realm, hunting wretched souls. When his keeper offers him a chance to reclaim his freedom in exchange for Nizzara’s pure soul, Dagen takes the deal.

There’s only one catch: she must freely give it to him by the tournament’s end or his own soul is forfeit.

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