Veil of Fate by Jinapher J. Hoffman (ePUB)

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Veil of Fate (Fates of Mirror #1) by Jinapher J. Hoffman – Free eBooks Download


Win the hand of fate, unveil every truth.
Meet Zora Vyner, a spit-fire woman turned vengeful mercenary after her parents were murdered and her brother was stolen.

Taking down the men who abused her, and infiltrating a magical underground of vicious crime bosses, she finds herself on a mission to kill a rising threat to her Boss’s business. She’s promised information on the brother she so desperately wants to find, but instead she gets an exclusive invite.
Each Kingdom in Mirror has a ruler blessed with the ability to see the threads of Fate. In Zora’s home Kingdom of Estal, their very own Heir of Fate is holding a tournament. He wants more than a bride. He wants a protector, and with Zora’s infamously lethal capabilities, she’s offered a spot in the tournament up against the fiercest female warriors in Estal Kingdom.

With no room to fail – her brother’s life on the line – Zora accepts the invitation.

But what she doesn’t know, is that the man in the mask offering her the invite is also her undoing.
This is the first book in the Veil of Fate Series

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