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Vegas Viking (Brothers of Odin #1) by D.L. Beechinor – Free eBooks Download


In the glittering heart of Las Vegas, ancient magic collides with modern desire in a breathtaking paranormal romance that will set your soul ablaze.

When Piper awakens in a lavish hotel suite bound by beautiful cuffs, she is greeted by her Viking from the night before. With his seductive gaze, her world is forever changed after one night.
Vin Alaric, the enigmatic CEO of a powerful corporation and a Viking Asgardian Alpha, is brother to Odin and Ve. He exudes dominance and danger in equal measure. He knows that Piper is his mate and maybe the key to fulfilling an age-old prophecy. He is determined to claim her as his true mate. But buried secrets and ancient vendettas threaten to tear them apart.
As passion flares between Piper, a fiercely independent woman with scars of her own, and Vin, a commanding force of nature with a perilous past, they must navigate a treacherous path to find their destiny. Only by unlocking the depths of their souls can they hope to survive the malevolent forces conspiring against them. The scorching intensity of their bond may light up the Vegas skyline, but the price of surrendering to their love could be higher than they ever imagined.
Get ready to lose yourself in a whirlwind of magical banishment and become entrenched in a millennia-long war between good and evil. This present-day mystery connects readers to the past and future of primal desire as Piper and Vin race against time to protect their hearts, their lives, and the entire human race from a complete restart.

The first in the Brothers of Odin series by DL Beechinor

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