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vasiliev, shyla colt

Vasiliev (Orlov Bravata) by Shyla Colt – Free eBooks Download


For years, Marta was the one bar manager I could count on to keep things running smoothly. With one surprise attack, my problem solver has become my problem. Taking care of things the old way is not an option for the single mother I considered my friend. Now, I’m negotiating with my family for their lives. Trust is earned, and time isn’t a luxury we have. The Nikitins lighten my load and lessen the darkness seeking to devour me. I can’t lose them.

No normal strip club requires an NDA, but the pay was too good to pass on. I’ve heard the whispers about the owner and his ties to the Russian mafia, but I never let it sway me. Then I saw something I shouldn’t have. Returning home, I grabbed my daughter and ran … only to be caught be the man I saw committing the crime. The killer is now all that stands between death and survival.

Kyra Nyx proves that Happily Ever Afters aren’t reserved for knights in shining armor. Her heroes swagger in, drag you into the gray area, and make you rethink your fairy tale. Follow these interconnected stories and get swept away by heroes who put romance on the edge.

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