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If there’s one thing to be noted about the mega rich, it’s that they don’t have a conscience. I should know. The man with the million dollar diamond in his safe is my ex.
Okay, so let’s backtrack this story a bit. Ethan wasn’t always dripping in cash. We fell in love straddling the poverty line, knowing that each other was the only thing we had.
We did things.
Bad things.
Made mistakes.
All of it together, until Ethan ran away from the consequences.
And from me.

Fast forward to now… By the looks of the mansion I’m standing in, Ethan has done okay for himself.
Me, well, I’m playing the modern day Robin Hood.
Stealing from the mega rich to serve the mega wealthy.
In this situation, Ethan is the mega rich.
He’s also my target.
I’ve got one hand on the diamond, but it’s nothing compared to the grip he has around my neck.
He still looks good enough to eat, but the hate in his eyes is so palpable, I can almost taste it.
There’s recognition in his eyes, too. The only question is, are our memories enough for him to loosen the chokehold he has me in?

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