Vanished with the Alien by Roxy Nash (ePUB)

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Vanished with the Alien (Antasun’s Alien Castaways #2) by Roxy Nash – Free eBooks Download


Med school didn’t cover aliens, but my coma patient is from a different universe.
It’s strange to know every inch of him without ever actually meeting him. I watch over him without rest, care for his every need, but still, he doesn’t wake. It’s been too long. I can’t lose him, can’t lose another patient, but there’s nothing more I can do. He’s slipping away.
Until, a miracle happens.
And when I stare into his mismatched eyes – open and conscious and alive – I’m the one who’s lost.

Did I dream her into reality? Or did she pull me from a nightmare?
I wake damaged. Broken. Unfit, and unworthy of this mysterious female who brought me back to life. Who is apparently my mate.
But when we disappear into the midst of an uncharted wilderness, it will be up to me to keep her alive. Defending her from monsters, hunting for her, guarding her while she rests – these are tasks that I can face head-on. I will keep her safe and guide us out of this labyrinth of a jungle.
But when she offers me her heart? I am more lost than I have ever been…

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