Vampire Secrets by Nikki Grey (ePUB)

vamprie secrets, nikki grey

Vampire Secrets (Fated Vampire #3) by Nikki Grey – Free eBooks Download


The revelation of Adrian’s dark past will question his loyalty and vampire heritage.
In a supernatural world where darkness and immortality collide, a haunting truth will threaten to change everything we have built.
Adrian has always been my protector, my fated mate, and my love has made him king.
But I’ve always feared that the pull of his kind would come for him one day, that the hunter in him would awaken and smell blood with that undying thirst.
Now, that day has come.
My father’s death left us with more questions than answers regarding Adrian’s past, and we have to go in search for them.
Together, we embark on a dangerous journey to confront the past, unraveling the truth that could either bind us even closer or tear us apart forever.

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