Vampire Kissed by S Lucas (ePUB)

vampire kissed, s lucas

Vampire Kissed (Supernaturally Yours #1) by S Lucas – Free eBooks Download


The world used to belong to humans until the supernaturals took it over. They crawled out of the depths of depravity to take whatever they wanted from us. Nowhere is safe now, not for humans at least.
As an ER nurse, I see the worst of the attacks on humanity. I’m stationed in the vampire sector, where the cause of death is often substantial blood loss and ripped-out throats. They get covered up time and time again by the Supernatural Council. Each time it leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
I’ve never put much thought into the other supernaturals since vampires own this sector which makes them the greatest threat to my life. Or so I stupidly thought. One night out changes everything and the woman that walks away is not the same one I was before.

*This is a paranormal reverse harem for those aged 18+. This book may contain triggering themes, please read the content warning at the beginning of the book*

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