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valentine flower, sara hazel

Valentine Forever (First Time Valentine #3) by Sara Hazel, Simone Black – Free eBooks Download



I’ve always believed that romance only belongs in the pages of my beloved books. My innocence? A cumbersome burden I’ve decided to auction off, hoping to return to my quiet life afterwards, nestled among the musty scents of a library. But fate has a twist I never see coming in the form
Of Milo—a man whose mere presence challenges everything I thought I knew about desire, love, and the intertwining of two souls.
Wrapped in a cocoon of shyness, I never imagine the electric charge of real, raw passion. Yet, here I am, bound to Milo, a man as mysterious as he is generous, who sees beyond my thick glasses, thick curves, and straight into the depths of my heart. He awakens a ravenous hunger for an emotion I dare not name. Can I, a modest librarian, truly capture the heart of a reclusive billionaire?
As our one night unravels into a tapestry of stolen moments and whispered promises, the unimaginable happens—I find myself yearning for a forever Valentine. In Milo’s arms, I’m no longer a silent spectator in a world of romantic tales; I’m the heroine of our own steamy, heart-stopping love story. Will this leap of faith lead me to the forever love I never dreamed I wanted, or will the pages of our story flutter away, unbound?


I’m consumed by philanthropy and an insatiable need for privacy. Women? A complication I’ve meticulously avoided…until Celeste turns my world upside down. I bought her for a night, intending only to sate a curiosity, to finally rid myself of this distracting inexperience of my own. Yet, from the moment I claim her, nothing is enough unless it’s her, forever.
Celeste, with her curves and quiet strength, unravels me. She draws me out of the shadows with her inherent light. I never expected to find an equal in the auction’s shy librarian, yet here we are, entwined in a dance of passion and vulnerability.
As I dare to dream of a life together, fear grips me. Can a man who’s built walls around his heart for decades finally tear them down for love? Celeste is my unexpected chance at a forever Valentine, a beacon in my secluded world. But am I brave enough to chase this burgeoning dream, to declare my love and desire to the world?

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