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Unyielding (Tortured Love #1) by Ravenna Tate – Free eBooks Download


Graphic designer Lynda Shelton has agreed to marry Mergers and Acquisitions legend Merrick Dalton for one reason only. To save her family’s company. She’s warned this is a marriage in name only. Merrick will never love her. That’s fine with Lynda because she has sworn off men.

Merrick Dalton has wanted Shelton Energy for a long time, so when he’s asked to save the company, he jumps at the chance. He has vowed never to love another woman, but Merrick can give Lynda what he’s been assured she wants. Material comfort and social standing.

The one place where Merrick and Lynda connect is in bed. She has a penchant for his kinky tastes, and he stirs desire in her like she’s never known. But when their secrets surface, the reason they married turns into a dangerous game of illusions and lies.

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