Unwrapping Jordan by Tiana Laveen (ePUB)

unwrapping jordan, tiana laveen

Unwrapping Jordan by Tiana Laveen – Free eBooks Download


Please be advised: This book is for mature readers.

Jordan DeMarco has a taste for revenge. After getting even for a scandalous betrayal, he heads back home to Boston for the holidays, where his hot-tempered grandfather, melodramatic mother, opinionated sister, and the ghostly memory of his deceased father await. Despite hoping to make this visit short so he can return to L.A., he finds his best laid plans were meant to be broken.

Egypt Lynn Callahan cherishes the small victories in life. She’s a web designer, an unofficial professional chocolate taster, and relishes quiet evenings in the company of her friends. Her calm world comes crashing down when it becomes quite clear that her old crush, Jordan ‘The Ram’ DeMarco, has strolled in from the City of Angels. Worst of all? He is looking for her, and she wonders if she should remain out of sight.

Jordan has never forgotten Egypt, and his chaotic existence has now left him reevaluating his life, especially regarding the one that got away.

Will Jordan receive his wish to finally have the love he so desperately wants from a woman who captured his heart so long ago? Will Egypt be able to trust him after the way he’s torn her heart in two?

Read ‘Unwrapping Jordan,’ to find out!

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