Untethered Legacy by JL Avery (ePUB)

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Untethered Legacy (Scarlett Bay #1) by JL Avery – Free eBooks Download


Ivy Hanson has found herself living in the small town of Scarlett Bay. It’s the only place she’s felt safe since fleeing from those who’ve hurt her. Keeping her distance from everyone, avoiding anything beyond superficial connections, she locks her heart down. Everything is working out to her plans, until now. The day Bennett Harrison crashes into her life, everything changes.
Bennett Harrison is looking for something new. He just doesn’t know what that is, until he starts his new job in a small town and meets Ivy. He can’t seem to get the beautiful woman out of his mind, but every time he turns around, she’s running from him. She’s the challenge he’s been searching for, and he knows she has the potential to improve every aspect of his life. Now he just has to convince her that he can help her. Protect her. That they can be the best thing ever to happen for each other.

Can Ivy set aside all her past hurts and learn to trust another man again?
Will Bennett be able to convince her that he can keep her safe from any who would try to hurt her?
Can they learn to rely on each other, or will her past rip them apart?

Content Warning
Untethered Legacy contains graphic depictions of sexual assault, domestic violence (DV), kidnapping, and death.

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