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untamed desires, rory reynolds

Untamed Desires (Black Rose Doms #1) by Rory Reynolds – Free eBooks Download


She was taken from me.
Held captive and abused, damaged beyond repair.
The men who took her will pay with their lives.
I played her knight in shining armor, but what I really want is to own her.
I’ll put her back together piece by piece before I make her mine.
No one will dare take her away from me… not even herself.
I’ll fight her demons until the only one left is me.

I escaped my prison.
I ran from the ruthless men who held me captive and abused me in the worst ways and ended up owned by a monster.
Until him.
He saved me from the monsters of my past. Gave me a safe harbor to heal my body, but it’s too late for my heart.
I’m broken inside.
A shell of who I could’ve been.
I’m losing the fight with demons inside me.
Nothing can bring me back from the brink… it’s hopeless.
But he won’t let me go. He’s determined to own me. Mind, body, and soul.

Untamed Desires is a full-length dark romance that deals with sensitive subject matter that could be disturbing for some. Reader beware.
Untamed Desires was previously published under the title Unforgettable.

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