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unstitch, elodie hart

Unstitch (Alchemy #5) by Elodie Hart – Free eBooks Download


Shame. Prejudice. Fear. All woven into the very fabric of my being. I’m swathed in them like the most suffocating cloak.
Beneath this toxic mantle, I wear my desires close to my heart. Where it’s dark. Where they’re safe.
Until I meet Darcy, a dancer at Alchemy and the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. The only problem? Her boyfriend, Max.
She makes me feel alive, but he arouses emotions I’ve taken great care my entire life to condemn and deny and bury. Emotions I’ve always been taught are sinful and wrong.
Together, they show me love far too great to be a sin, too bright to languish in the darkness.
Even as our relationship flourishes, the shame and fear remain in place, tearing me apart and threatening what deserves only the most dazzling light.
If anyone can unstitch this cloak from me, thread by thread, and liberate me, it’s this woman… and this man.
If I let them.

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