Unspoken Rules by Penny Fox (ePUB)

unspoken rules, penny fox

Unspoken Rules (Don’t Tempt Me) by Penny Fox – Free eBooks Download


I shouldn’t want him. I wasn’t supposed to have him. But now I can’t let him go.

Bryson never thought he’d have a chance with Cole Harper. After all, Cole is his best friend’s father. But when Cole offers Bryson one night together, Bryson can no longer ignore the intense attraction.
Cole will do anything for his son. But when he finds his son’s best friend in an out-of-town bar, he gives in to his desires for just one night. And when Bryson shows up at his house six months later, Cole realizes that one night in Astoria wasn’t enough.
Falling for Cole means Bryson will lose the only person he can rely on. And though Cole knows he’s risking his family for Bryson, he can’t seem to stop.

Can they find a way to live together and keep their hands to themselves, or will their secret be exposed and ruin everything?

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