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unleashed, annie rae

Unleashed (Dixon’s Dragon Mafia #1) by Annie Rae – Free eBooks Download


A villain of circumstance battling for love.

Kris long ago accepted his life of crime in Dixon’s Dragon Mafia, loyal to the Boss who sheltered him after his parents’ deaths. For years, muscles and intimidation moved him up the ranks, something he never questioned in their kill-or-be-killed world… until now.
When his long-denied mate returned home, everything changed. She’s got him on edge, distracting his every thought. That’s deadly in the dragon world. It’s not like he deserves this pure angel fate gave him. Giving in would place a target square on her back. Worse… she’s forbidden fruit… untouchable. She’s the boss’s daughter.

Abigail Dixon questions why she moved home after college. Pay off loans? Yes. She gets to do what she loves… teach. Mainly, her father hit her with a hefty dose of guilt to get Abi under lock and key. But the ink is barely dry on her diploma when Abi realizes her dad’s house is full of the same drama, the same scary thugs as it always was. And Abigail is still the same half-human, the broken dragon she’s always been.
The only bright side to living at home is watching her dream man, her childhood crush, traipse through her house. But watching the sweet boy who protected her from bullies follow in her dad’s footsteps paralyzes her heart. He earned his rough exterior the hard way. Abi’s the only one who ever saw his big heart.

Can she look past his questionable history? Could her touch heal the bad boy? Or would Abi’s innocence burn in his flame?

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