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unexpected hero, jackie walker

Unexpected Hero (Redleg Security #5) by Jackie Walker – Free eBooks Download


“No one ever saw me or cared to look. Until her.
But the man she sees is a lie.
And if I reveal who I am, I’ll lose her – the only woman who ever made me feel alive.”
Five Steps to Covertly Protecting my Boss’s Secret Daughter
By Tomer Stillman, a hacker and secret Dom with a psych eval full of red flags. Fortunately, nobody cares to notice.
1. Get her a safe job and place to live.
2. Make sure she has plenty of food.
3. Protect her from her overly-trusting self, even if that means crossing lines.
4. Daily checks of her location, phone, and devices for suspicious activity, following her when necessary.
5. Fulfill all her sexual desires.
No. Scratch that last one.
Not only because she’s too young and inexperienced. But because I need to keep my distance.
The more I watch her, the more the lines blur between protection and obsession.
I never intended to come face to face with her, but in a moment of weakness, I intervened.
And it changed everything.
She makes me feel things. Things I’m not ready to feel.
I never thought I had a heart, but the more I’m with her, the faster it beats.
Now, I’m left wondering, will she forgive me for the things I’ve done to protect her?
Or will the only woman I’ve ever cared for leave me like everyone else?

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