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unexpected attraction, mia faye

Unexpected Attraction (Unexpected #2) by Mia Faye – Free eBooks Download


A wild one-night stand on St. Patrick’s Day? Check.
A fake marriage with my new boss? Check.
Still not enough? Check – I’m pregnant…
Do you believe in fate?
I always thought it was merely a product of cheesy romance novels and horoscopes.
Then I end up in some random bar on St. Patrick’s Day.
And my eyes meet an incredibly attractive stranger.
One drink, a fleeting touch and a wild kiss later, his chauffeur drives us to his apartment – without us even knowing our names.
But what should have been a harmless one-night stand quickly turns my whole life upside down.
Because when I’m introduced to my new boss shortly afterwards, I look into the same deep gray eyes as on St. Patrick’s Day.
Logan Walsh, the wealthy CEO of Chicago’s most powerful investment firm.
But instead of organizing appointments and sorting files for him, Logan is asking me to do something unimaginable:
In order for him to claim his billion-dollar inheritance, his father’s will says he must have a wife.
And that wife is supposed to be me.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have an opportunity to tell him about my secret that’s coming in nine months.
The hopeless resolution to keep our fake marriage strictly professional is quickly put to the test.
We are too close when he leans over my desk, the smell of his aftershave is too seductive, his way of teasing me is too charming.
How is this supposed to work out between us when we hardly know each other?

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