Undone by M.K. Condry (ePUB)

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Undone (Velvet Rope #1) by M.K. Condry – Free eBooks Download


He’s old enough to know better, but all the wisdom in the world can’t keep Christian West from wanting what he shouldn’t. To forget, he spends his free time binding women hoping to tidy up his troubles in a neat little package.

But his efforts prove useless, his secrets and desires haunt him night and day. They are as relentless as the voice in his head, hounding him to drop his guard.
The problem is the last time he got involved someone ended up dead.
She’s been beaten, bruised, and left behind more times than she cares to admit, but this doesn’t keep Frankie Wright from craving more pain. She wants a man who can tangle her fears with her darkest desires and have them make sense.
Desperate, she searches for relief in all the wrong places, only to discover she’s known the answer all along.

The problem is her target’s walls may prove too high to claw her way over.

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