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undone, chelle rose

Undone (Dark Desires #4) by Chelle Rose – Free eBooks Download


Finally, I’m released from prison but life will never be the same. After attempting to do the worst thing you can to a woman I’m free. But am I really? My father and his now wife, Mercy accept me back into their lives with more love for me than I could’ve expected. I’m finally on the right road until her. She’s my adopted sister although I never met her before. I want her more than I wanted heroin. I want her like I’m going to die without her touch. But if I go there I’ll lose everything it took me years to get back. But if I don’t she’ll end up in prison or worse. She’s going down a dangerous road. One I’ve been down. The question is, do I save her or myself?

My parents love me, I know that. But they keep such a tight leash on me I think I might choke. They adopted me after I had cancer twice. I should be grateful. But I’m not. I only want to chase the dragon. I don’t give a crap about them anymore. I just want my next high. When I’m climbing out the window to do just that he stops me in my tracks and refuses to let me out of his sight. I try to run but he grabs onto my hair and puts his mouth to my ear. Tingles run down my spine and heat floods my body. Will he save me or will I take him with me on this collision course?

Note from Author:
If you read the first book in this series please note this book is so much darker than the previous three. Please read all trigger warnings located at the beginning of the book.

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