Uncovering the Lord by Lexi Post (ePUB)

uncovering lord, lexi post

Uncovering the Lord (Courting a Curious Lady #1) by Lexi Post – Free eBooks Download


She turned him down once. Will he risk his heart again?

On the eve of her trip to the Dragon Caves in Mallorca, Spain, Lady Elsbeth Rawley of Astor discovers that her classmates at The Belinda School for Curious Ladies will be pulled from school unless one of them marries by the end of the season. Heartsick this could happen, she promises she will marry for their benefit. Unfortunately, she has no prospects which means she will have to cut her trip short and return to England quickly to find a suitor. So while digging among the stalagmites, the last thing she expects to find is Lord Theodore Mabry, the heir to the Earl of Lansdowne, and the man whose proposal she rejected last season.
For the last year and a half, Teddy has buried his heartbreak over Lady Elsbeth in willing women on the Continent. But his happy-go-lucky ways were halted when one of those women gave him a baby girl before dying of illness just weeks later. Now, ready to go home with his daughter, he needs a “dragon tooth” for the wet nurse who refuses to travel aboard a ship unless she has one to wish upon for safe passage. Coming face to face with Lady Elsbeth is not in his plan, and while at first, it appears it will be a fortunate event, he soon discovers she is not who he thought she was as he is forced to take the same ship headed for England.
Now in each other’s daily company, Teddy finds he did not bury his love for Elsbeth deep enough. But he can’t ask for her hand in marriage. He has no wish to be rejected again. So he enjoys their time together as temporary, until hope rears its ugly head.
Unfortunately, not all is as it seems and despite his defenses, he must decide if loving Lady Elsbeth is worth the destruction of his heart.

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