Uncharted Desires by Jillian Sharp (ePUB)

uncharted desires, jillian sharp

Uncharted Desires by Jillian Sharp – Free eBooks Download


It took just one misstep to send musician Kat Brooks and arrogant rock star Weston
Monroe tumbling from his luxury yacht. Now she’s stranded on a deserted island with the
man who’s ruined her life. Things, surely, couldn’t get any worse…

Katrina Brooks has spent years in the background dreaming of the chance to share her voice. Instead, Kat’s music career is destroyed when her boss, the king of romantic rock songs, Weston Monroe announces his surprise retirement during their end-of-tour vacation. To add insult to injury, Kat finds herself floating in the Indian Ocean with Weston and no land in sight.
Weston’s reasons for early retirement aren’t anyone’s business but his—even if his piano-playing background singer thinks otherwise. Drifting in the ocean with nowhere to hide, he is forced to confront Kat and years of their unresolved sexual baggage, without a drop of whiskey in sight.
After washing ashore on an uncharted island, they discover it’s not just the natural world hindering their survival. Making it back to civilization in one piece, and without breaking each other’s hearts, just got more complicated.

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