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Unbelievable (Haven Falls #2) by Sheridan Anne – Free eBooks Download


Alright, so maybe I’m not as much of a loser as I had thought.
That was certainly proven as I took my rightful spot by Noah’s side. It’s exactly where I belong. Now my only challenge is holding on to it. Am I enough for him? or better yet, is he enough for me?
I’ve gone through hell and back over the past few weeks. Falling for a guy like Noah Cage, the pack leader, isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Noah comes with a fan club; a wild pack of groupies, all of whom want nothing more than to take my place, and they don’t care if they need to draw blood to do it. Monica was proof of that.
There’s no way I’m giving in that easy. I watched him slip through my fingers once. It won’t be happening again.
Monica needs to pay for what she did to me and I sure as hell am going to use her as an example for everyone else. Henley Bronx is not a girl you want to mess with.
They will learn that from now on, I’m their new queen. They bow to me.
Only, maybe it’s not them I need to be watching out for. Maybe this time, the threat is coming from somewhere else, somewhere I never thought to look and it might just have the power to change me.

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