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unbearable boss, laura olsen

Unbearable Boss by Laura Olsen – Free eBooks Download


He gave me the best night of my life.
And then fired me without remorse.
Paul Woodring is a ruthless billionaire with a heart of stone and a body that makes me weak in the knees.
His six-year-old daughter is the only thing that softens him, and I’m the nanny he hired to make her smile.

Being a live-in nanny in Woodring Manor has its perks.
But every time my boss summons me to his office, I feel both excited and annoyed.
And the fact that we both still remember that spicy night doesn’t make things easier between us…

Until he finally claims me as his own.
Now I live in a fairytale, and it feels amazing to be guided by a man who has fifteen years of experience on me.
And spending time with his daughter doesn’t feel like work at all.
But then things go too far, and he throws me out of his manor and out of his life.
How can I forget the man who made me scream his name?
And how can I protect his daughter when she runs away to find me?

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