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ugly secrets, ariana cane

Ugly Secrets (Little Hope #5) by Ariana Cane – Free eBooks Download


“I hate you. But I still f*ckin’ want you.”

I never wanted to come back to Little Hope. But I’m here. Trying to build a life for my son and myself. He and my bakery are all I want to focus on.
Until the Bad Boy of Little Hope shows up on my doorstep. Multiple times.
He’s hated by almost everyone, feared by the rest. But not by me.
He’s different with me and my son. I just wish the town would see him this way too.

I could easily take the cake for being the most hated man in town. And deservingly so.
My own family thinks of me as a lost cause, disregarding me on holidays and family gatherings.
They all think I’m a villain. And I might be. But none of them know what made me this way. That is, until she comes to town and crawls under my skin.
She’s the sister of the man who hates my guts, and yet she might be the only person who doesn’t hate me. She claws me out of the darkness I’ve created for myself.
Until everything changes…
A bad guy whose secrets have their own secrets. A single mom who has a few of her own. What do they share? The dark past they both hide.
They say villains are irredeemable. But what if there’s someone who can read between the lines?

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