Two Ruthless Little Dares by Ellie Meadows (ePUB)

two ruthless dares, ellie meadows

Two Ruthless Little Dares (The Beasts of Greenstone College #2) by Ellie Meadows – Free eBooks Download


Dare to love him.
Dare to hate him.
Which man is actually the beast?
Finding out might cost Mabel her life…

I have everything a person could ever desire now, or so it seems to outsiders. Yet, all I truly possess is a gilded cage, courtesy of my wealthy stepfather and his deep pockets. I have no real home anymore; maybe I never did. My mother is a changeling. I don’t even recognize her anymore. Hell, when I look in the mirror, I sometimes don’t recognize myself. The only thing keeping me sane is the certifiable insanity that is Bastian Banks. My own personal darkness.
Bastian is Greenstone College’s resident bad boy who doesn’t do relationships. Thanks to my lie, he’s marked me as his own. If they had their way, his two best friends would claim me too. It started as prey and predators, but it’s something more now, something beyond lust and loathing.
God, I’m just trying to survive.
Survive a stalker. A stepfather I don’t trust. And a secret society sending me challenges that seemed silly at first, but are quickly spinning into something spine-chilling.
Life was easier when I had nothing. When I was nothing. I’d give anything to go back to that…

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