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Two Fates by Kari Gregg – Free eBooks Download


Jamie and Ian recognized they were destined mates as teenagers. Heedless of their pack’s objections, they loved fully and recklessly. When Ian perished in a senseless accident a decade later, Jamie’s grief was so consuming he almost died too, but in the years since, Jamie learned to cope. Though his heart is empty, he finds purpose in teaching shifter craft to pack whelps and carving bone to offer for trade. His is a quiet life, his peace hard-won. The pack seer’s alarming prophecy at Jamie’s birth assured Jamie he would love again, but what he shared with Ian…That magic only happens once.

Kenneth—pack newcomer and presumptive alpha—disagrees. Instinct led him to Kentucky after Ian’s death tore Jamie’s world apart. While Kenneth would’ve done anything to spare Jamie the agony of Ian’s loss, Kenneth will also never deny what drove him to Burnt Fork in the first place: Jamie is his destined mate.

Can one man have two fates? The pack lore Jamie teaches suggests that is possible, but Jamie alone must decide if finding the courage to love again is a blessing…or his curse.

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