Two Cowboy Promises by April Murdock (ePUB)

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Two Cowboy Promises (Returning to Rocky Ridge #2) by April Murdock – Free eBooks Download


Forcing a pretty internet sensation to work with a no-nonsense former rodeo star to plan a grand re-opening event is a recipe for disaster.

Kelsey’s party girl experience makes her the perfect choice to plan the big grand re-opening party for the Twisted Rivers Ranch. She’s up for the challenge, but she might need some help to navigate the local Rocky Ridge scene.
Tanner’s background as a rodeo star does not in any way make him even a mediocre choice to help Kelsey pull the party details together. But as the new ranch manager of Twisted Rivers Ranch, he can’t very well tell his boss’s sister to figure it out on her own.
As the two start to work together sparks fly. Kelsey has grand ideas that might work in Hollywood, but Montana folks don’t go in for the glitz and glamor. And Tanner won’t tolerate her flighty approach to planning.
As Kelsey develops feelings for Tanner, she questions everything she’s come to believe. And to make everything even worse, she’s fallen in love with his nephew, who he now has full custody of.
Tanner feels the attraction, but Kelsey is a risk he can’t take. He’s changed everything in his life to be a father to his nephew. He’ll do anything to protect his nephew from more turmoil… even breaking Kelsey’s heart.

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