Twisted Sorcery by Kira Adler (ePUB)

twisted sorcery, kira adler

Twisted Sorcery (Midnight City #1) by Kira Adler – Free eBooks Download


Midnight City has taken everything from Deni. Two months after being turned into a vampire by her abusive ex she’s broke, starving, and one bad day away from ending up on the street.

But when her desperation carries her to the nightclubs of Elysium, where the wealthy pay to have their darkest fantasies fulfilled, she meets someone who could turn the tides of her fate: Celeste, a powerful witch with honey-sweet blood and a dangerous arcane smuggling ring at her command. Working for the beautiful woman could mean an end to Deni’s downward spiral and, most importantly, safety in a city of monsters – human or otherwise.
But Celeste’s charity comes at a high price. Every bit as demanding as she is beautiful, Celeste pushes Deni further and further away from her humanity – and toward the dark vampire instincts at the back of her mind. Yet no matter how hard Deni tries, the enigmatic witch is impossible to resist.

When Deni has nothing more to give up but total control, she can’t help but wonder: is Celeste using more than her charms to keep Deni under her spell? Is the safety Deni was searching for further away now than it has ever been before?

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