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twisted sin, natalie knight

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In a world where hope was dim,
Two siblings, Fin and Barbie, were torn from kin.
An older brother, strong and kind,
A little sister, innocent and intertwined.
Her smile, her laugh. Fin remembered it all,
Until they snatched her out of his arms.

Separated by a fate unkind and unfair,
Thrown into foster care, their hearts laid bare.

Forced into Murdoch’s cold embrace,
A place where shadows lingered in every space.
They called him insane, though he held on to a dream,
To find his sister, to mend the broken seam.

Seven long years, a lifetime it seemed,
Barbie, too, was lost in a twisted dream.
Into the same asylum, their paths would align,
A reunion in the darkness, a moment divine.

In the midst of madness, their love would persist,
For Fin and Barbie, each other they’d assist.
No more separation, no more endless despair,
Together they’d weather any storm they’d bear.

Fin vowed never to let his Barbie go,
To slit the throats of any man who tip-toed too close.
Their twisted sin,
Now cemented with no end.

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