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twisted savior, euryia larsen

Twisted Savior (Sweet but Twisted Christmas) by Euryia Larsen – Free eBooks Download


Candy Hall
He was the boy I crushed over from the first moment I saw him. The ever so cool bad boy. He’s lived in my deepest, darkest fantasies ever since but that was all it ever was. He never saw me, I was the shy good girl, the Sheriff’s off-limits daughter. Now I’m back home from college and working as a kindergarten teacher. I’ve convinced myself I’ll never see him again… that is until he picks up one of my students.

Ezra “Wrecker” Martin
My sister and nephew are the only family I have left so when she calls needing me to pick up her son from school, I don’t think twice. Then I see her, the only girl I’ve ever truly wanted, the one that was off limits, the one that got away. My life is too ugly, too dark, for her beautiful light. I would only bring her trouble.
I try everything to stay away from her, until enemies want to use her as revenge against her father. I will do everything, destroy everything, to save the only light in my darkness. Can I get to her in time, though? Once I have her, will I be able to give her up? Will my club be willing to accept us? Will her father?

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