Twisted Minds of Sin by Bryce Keene (ePUB)

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Twisted Minds of Sin (Lethal Lust #2) by Bryce Keene – Free eBooks Download


His charms are as lethal as his mind. And I can’t afford to fall for them.

A tabloid scandal ruined my life. And I am sorry, I really am. I never meant to hurt anyone, and yet… Now I have my ex-fiancé and his wrath on my heels.
I thought I had found my savior, but I was wrong.
Because he took me – scratch that – he kidnapped me.
Benedetto Corte, the most charming man I’ve ever met and my ex-fiancé’s cousin. He pulled me from death’s grasp, claiming protection. But his Boston house, filled with memories and secrets, became my gilded cage.
He is a mystery I can’t solve and he holds my life in those sinful hands of his that I find so hard to resist
As a liar myself, I can tell when a fellow deceiver is trying to trick me, and I am not fooled by Benedetto’s broad smile. He must have ulterior motives, and I need to find out what they are before it’s too late. Otherwise, his secrets might kill me.
His home in Boston is haunted by the past, as are his eyes. And I’m stuck there as his captive.
Benedetto may have saved me from my ex-fiancé, but who will save me from him now?

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*If you are a good girl dreaming of a knight in shining armor, then step away from this novel! If you fantasize about hot, wildly sexy alpha males, then this one’s for you! My heroes are dangerous, dark, and demanding—an HEA guaranteed with no cheating but lots of pain and pleasure. You have been warned! Proceed at your own risk…

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