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twisted love, maya alden

Twisted Love (Golden Knights #7) by Maya Alden – Free eBooks Download


She put him in prison. Now someone is leaving her notes like he did…on dead bodies.

Seven years ago, ADA Carolina Vega’s life turned into a nightmare when she locked away Jacob Soller a.k.a. The Butterfly, only to become his next target. Scarred and changed, she fled Dallas for a new life in Los Angeles. Now, as a corporate lawyer at Knight Technologies, Vega thought she left her dark past behind. But some shadows linger longer than others and her past catches up with her when her friend, Detective Drago Horvat arrives with chilling news of a murder mimicking the Butterfly Killer’s MO, complete with a haunting message for Vega, her world spirals back into darkness.
The butterfly has returned, but this time, it’s personal.
Caught in this lethal game is Aurelio Santos, Vega’s on-again-off-again lover, whose protective instincts are set ablaze. As a farmer managing Golden Valley, he’s far from the world of killers and chaos…until now.
As bodies drop in downtown Los Angeles, Vega and Aurelio find themselves in a desperate race to catch a killer who’s always one step ahead. But can they unmask the murderer before Vega becomes the final masterpiece in the killer’s twisted gallery of death?

In Twisted Love, every page crackles with suspense, romance, and an unyielding quest for truth. Are you ready to face The Butterfly?

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