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twisted lies, roxy collins

Twisted Lies (Blood Brothers #1) by Roxy Collins – Free eBooks Download


How do you keep the big bad wolves from the door, when you’ve already let them in?
I thought my mom was the Luna of the biggest pack on the East Coast, but her deathbed confession shatters that illusion. She was traded to my dad to pay off a debt, and my whole life has been a lie.
When I go to confront my father, I walk into traffic – literally – and wake up with holes in my memory. Along with three alpha stepbrothers I struggle to remember.
Rory, Cam and Link give me a place – and a reason – to live. Now we’re reunited, we’re set on a mission to take down our corrupt father.
Only the longer we plan – and the deeper I get to know these ruthless men – the more I wonder if we’re related at all. Especially when my omega wolf claims one of my stepbrothers for her own…
But as we near the end of our mission, my father’s assassin makes a reappearance. He helped me through my first traumatic heat, then avoided me for years. But the night our mission takes us to his doorstep, my omega side rears her needy head.
I’m going into heat again, and the only ones who can tend me are the stepbrothers I don’t trust… or the ruthless assassin who cut me out of his life.

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