Twisted Chance by Kat Bammer (ePUB)

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Twisted Chance (Moon Lake Protectors) by Kat Bammer – Free eBooks Download


A single mom, down on her luck.
A reformed bad-boy turned small-town doc who takes her in.
How far will he go to protect the ones he loves?

Alan “Chance” Radley is content.
He’s left his high-octane life behind.
Army Ranger medic, then trauma surgeon—all in his rearview mirror.
Now he’s a small-town doc.
Enjoying the peace and the much slower pace.
Until Jessie shows up in Moon Lake and pulverizes his peace with one sassy lift of her eyebrow.
Challenge—not accepted.
But she’s in a tough spot, so he takes her in—as a roommate—completely platonic.
Dodging their undeniable mutual attraction, and her Navy SEAL big brother’s scathing looks,
he vows to help her get back on her feet.
Be the best friend the much younger, single mom can ever wish for.
And simply ignore her siren’s call—and all the dirty thoughts of what he really wants to do with his sexy roommate.
But when dark shadows from her past threaten her future, he’s ready to step up.
He will do anything to protect her.
Even force her to marry him.

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