Twilight Terrors by Rory Miles (ePUB)

twilight terrors, rory miles

Twilight Terrors (To Kill a Nightmare #2) by Rory Miles, Harper Frey – Free eBooks Download


It’s hard to build an empire on a crumbling foundation, but my parents are determined to try.
With my wedding to Valen nearing, they can taste the power, and they’re practically drooling.

Meanwhile, I’ve got secrets piling up on top of secrets, and it’s only a matter of time before the whole house of cards comes crashing down. While they want to build a pure slayer dynasty upon my back, I’m busy building my family of misfits and battling a threat they won’t accept is real.
But nightmares don’t care if you believe in them. They’ll feast on your fear either way. I thought we could chase them back to Faerie, but betrayal strikes when I least expect it, and now I’m wary of who to trust.
Add in my friend Rippley losing her magic, Dane almost losing his life, Valen somehow becoming my rock, and Bastian throwing me for a loop, and my life has turned into utter pandemonium.

Can I find a way to save the world, claim my shifter mate, keep my fiancé, and figure out what to do with the fae? Or will everything I care about topple to the ground?

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